Prosperity shows a man but one part of human nature. Nobody knows what such a man is good for; neither in truth does he understand himself for want of experiment. Temporal happiness is for weak and vulgar minds; but the subduing of public terrors is a work that is reserved for more generous spirits. Calamity is the touchstone of a brave mind, that resolves to live and die free, and master of itself. The combatant brings no mettle into the field, that was never bettered; he that has lost blood, and yet keeps his stomach; he that has been under his enemy, and worsted, and yet comes on again, and gathers heart from his misfortunes-that is the man of hope and courage.


A Calamity is often regarded as an event or circumstance that impedes the growth of a given group.  One does not have to look far within the local, national, or international landscape to see a wide variety of such Calamities.  It is our belief, however, that these Calamities are not only surmountable, but are in fact an opportunity for individuals and organizations to foster conversation, develop creative solutions, and--ultimately--do good.

The Calamity seeks to provide non-capital resources to artists and arts organizations operating with an eye towards social practice for the purposes of helping grow a more robust arts climate, creating avenues for the arts to solve social problems, and aiding individuals and organizations not eligible for tradition means of support.