Life is an adventure. If it gets boring, it’s your own goddamn fault. Steph spent some time in Austin as a part of DA! Theatre Collective creating work she really enjoyed and learning how to jump over tables. She thinks that providing resources to artists producing socially conscious and charitable works is the most important thing; she hopes that someday The Calamity can have a building they can call home to boatloads of artists and collaborators. She’s got jokes and probably likes you. Additionally, Steph is a resident at the Chicago Art Department and is a big fan of


Chris Smith is an independent arts administrator who enjoys producing and supporting experimental and socially-conscious work. When he stops and thinks about the many wonderful artists and arts organizations he has been able to work with in Texas, Chicago, and beyond, he feels very warm inside indeed. Chris is currently a resident at the Chicago Art Department, a board member with beyond this point, and a member of The Chicago High School for the Arts’ Associate Council.