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The Kinematics Friend and Fundraiser

Friends, we are very, very, very excited to invite you to an upcoming event celebrating The Kinematics' first (and only) two productions. 

Truth. We're calling the gig a "friend and fundraiser," but more than anything we're just looking forward to having a good time with people we enjoy and sharing a bit about this one-time collective and the amazing work that we're producing. There's no hat-passing/paddle-raising/suggested-entry-fee/nothin. We won't judge you if you just show up and eat our snacks. 

Admission to the event IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. So come. Hang out. Enjoy free performances, free music, free snacks, free dancing, free good times, and very cheap drinks.

There will be:

"Love to guys, but I've got a show that night! (emoji of a heart, emoji of a stage, emoji of your very full planner)"
COME WHENEVER. We know you're amazing and busy. That's why we love you. Stupid. Come before your other dumb art stuff or after your other dumb art stuff. (but if you really can't make it, you're still our favorite)

"Oooo, sounds fun, but I'm a starving artist. (emoji of ramen, emoji of a blood bank, emoji of a tear-stained ATM receipt)"
NOPE. IT'S FREE. AND YOU GET FREE SNACKS. And really, the drinks are like crazy cheap and plentiful.

"I'll catch the next Kinematics event. (emoji of the future)"
THERE WON'T BE ANOTHER ONE. Seriously. This is a one-time collective producing two dope shows. There aren't other friend/fundraising opportunities. This is it. 

"Ugh... but Pilsen is hard to get to. (emoji of you being wrong)"
PILSEN IS NOT HARD TO GET TO. There are like 50 Chicago community areas not on the Blue or Red line. 49 of them are spectacular. Mount Greenwood is not spectacular. CTA-ing to Pilsen is actually easier than you think, and there's plenty of parking in the area. Or, it's the 90s. Use your ride-sharing app of choice.

That's it, that's all.

Thanks for considering.

You're the best.

Like. Really sexy snacks.

Later Event: April 9
CAD Crystal Ball